Frequently Asked Questions

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How Our Furniture is Different

Who manufactures Roger + Chris furniture? · Why do you manufacture your own furniture? · How are your frames made? · What kind of suspension do you use? · How are your cushions constructed? · Why is your furniture so heavy?

Sofa Options

Can my sofa be made as a sleeper? · Can your furniture be further customized? · Can I use my own fabric or leather (COM)? · Do you make sofas that have adjustable headrests, integrated recliners, or cupholders? · Can I get a sleeper sofa with a tufted seat? · Can I order a chair with a swivel base? · I'm big. Will your sofas support me? · Can you build me a chemical-free sofa? · How long are your chaises? · Can you build a new style for me?

How to Order

How long does it take? · Can you check to make sure a fabric or leather is available before I order? · Why do I have to contact you to get pricing or place an order? · Can I order fabric swatches? · When will I get my furniture? · How does payment work? · Can I purchase your furniture if I live outside of the U.S.?

Fabric and Leather

Is aniline leather protected? · What is pull-up leather? · Is full grain leather better than top grain leather? · What is performance or protected leather? · Does semi-aniline or performance leather peel?

Care and Maintenance

How do I care for the material on my sofa? · How do I clean velvet? · How do I clean and condition leather?

Interior Designers and Commercial Applications

Can I order using COM (Customer's Own Material) · Do you wholesale your furniture? · Do you provide shop drawings? · Is your furniture suitable for use in commercial settings? · Can I specify a due date for my order without confirming first? · Can my client communicate directly with you? · Do you work with procurement companies? · What is the warranty policy for furniture in commercial settings?

Shipping and Delivery

What do I do if my furniture arrives damaged? · How can I make sure the furniture will fit in my home? · How does shipping work? · About shipping companies

Warranty and Returns

What is the warranty policy for your furniture? · What is the return policy for your furniture?

Why don't you...?

Why don't you ever have sales? · Why don't you offer more sofas with high backrests? · Why don't you build sofas with integrated recliners? · Why don't you sell your furniture at retail stores?

And yes...

Roger is a natural redhead.

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