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Why don't you ever have sales?

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There are two reasons.

First, our prices are not artificially inflated. Most furniture companies (and home goods retailers) overprice their furniture in order to offer "tremendous" savings. We don't play this game. Our standard prices deliver an exceptional value — just ask around and you will hear many of the country's top designers echoing that statement.

Second, in the past four years, our material costs have skyrocketed, but we have strived to keep the prices of our furniture consistent. This is undoubtedly a win for our customers, but it does mean that we do not have the ability to heavily discount our product.

Why don't you offer more sofas with high backrests?

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Because they're almost impossible to get into most customers' homes.

Why don't you build sofas with integrated recliners?

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Our hand-made lumber frames are not compatible with the drop-in mechanisms used for this type of recliner. And we don't think they make for particularly attractive or durable furniture.

Why don't you sell your furniture at retail stores?

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We would have to price our sofas so much higher. Most retailers mark up furniture by 50%. For us to sell a comparable-quality piece of furniture through retail, you would be paying nearly double.

This game also works in reverse: If you are comparing us to similarly-priced brands sold through a local retailer, know that the manufacturer is spending around half what we do to build that piece of furniture.

We work with the vast majority of our customers via phone, email, and zoom to assist them with finding the perfect sofa for their needs. If you would like to see our furniture in person, we welcome you to visit our showroom in Omaha, Nebraska.

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