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We offer more colors and options than anyone, because your needs are unique. Let's help you find the perfect fabric or leather for your new furniture. Get started by digging in to the following collections of our most popular lines, with helpful information and ratings on the performance characteristics of each one.

And please remember that we are here to help. Not sure how to get started or whether a fabric or leather is a good fit for you? Contact us and we will steer you in the right direction.

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R+C's Picks

We've gathered our coolest, awesomest, favoritest fabrics and leathers to give you a head start on finding the best option for your home.

Boldly Colorful Leathers

If you want your leather furniture to make a statement — a MAJOR statement — look no further than these breathtaking, bold, high-impact leathers. Featuring classic full-aniline lines with the elegant sheen of a wax coating as well as soft-to-the-touch pebbled leathers that envelop you, these leathers will ensure your new furniture is one-of-a-kind.

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Kid and Dog-Friendly Leathers

Leather's tough, but not every leather is tough enough for what your family will throw at it. These are our top picks for enhanced durability. That means greater scratch resistance, stain protection, fade resistance, and an easy-to-live-with wipeable surface that will stay looking awesome for years to come.

Explore Kid and Dog-Friendly Leathers

Luxurious Velvets

One of the most sumptuous and elegant fabric types to be found, velvet fabric's cut pile gives it a unique look and feel, and surprisingly good durability. Whether enhancing the tufts of a classic profile or adding interest to a more modern shape, our range of velvets offer deep, saturated colors and a texture that highlights every curve. Traditional favorites like cotton and mohair composition join new options featuring enhanced stain protection. Be sure to request swatches, because you'll want to see these in person (photos don't do them justice).

Explore Luxurious Velvets

Mid-Century Matches

Looking for the right fabric for your MCM style furniture? Here are some of our top picks that bring the look, texture, and colors that make mid-century furniture really pop. Bonus: These fabrics are designed to last, meaning your vintage-inspired sofa will look brand new for years to come.

Explore Mid-Century Matches

Natural Fabrics

Looking for a natural fabric option for your furniture? Explore our wool, cotton, linen, and mohair options, all of which are entirely or majorly composed of natural materials.

Explore Natural Fabrics

Natural Leathers

Bring a bit of old world leather crafting into your home. These leather lines feature natural finishes that highlight the character of the underlying cowhide and light, low-sheen finishes that will encourage your furniture to patina, scuff up, and age beautifully with use. Whether seeking the look of an old cigar club or a rustic cabin, these leathers will bring tons of character to your home.

Explore Natural Leathers

PFAS-Free Fabrics

Are you seeking to minimize exposure to PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) in your home? Many textiles utilize PFAS as a stain protection treatment, but there are alternatives. These fabrics are made without the use of PFAS, often while still providing practical stain resistance and care methods.

Explore PFAS-Free Fabrics

Supreen Performance Fabrics

Nassimi's Supreen collection is a cutting-edge innovation in the world of performance fabric. It marries a soft, luxurious fabric layer with an impermeable backing, resulting in a material that repels spills, can be cleaned with bleach solutions, and, thanks to fluorocarbon-free composition, is still environmentally friendly. Liquid spills won't absorb and can be simply wiped away, and with exceptional durability and abrasion resistance, your furniture will stay looking like new for years. An ideal way to bring style and comfort into your home or business without sacrificing the very best of durability. Watch our video on cleaning spills off Supreen fabrics.

Explore Supreen Performance Fabrics

Ultra-Durable Fabrics

Kids. Pets. Husbands who swear they aren't going to drop the ice cream on the brand new sof...oh. Life happens on your furniture, and we've got some amazing fabrics that will stand up to everything your busy life throws at 'em. They come in fun colors, boast luxurious, cozy textures, and exude style. Oh, and they just happen to be insanely durable and stain-resistant. Pilling? Not gonna happen. Stains? Nothing to worry about. Your kids practicing their pro wrestling maneuvers? Just make sure you're stocked up on band-aids and you should be good to go.

Explore Ultra-Durable Fabrics

Vegan Leathers

Want the look and hard-wearing practicality of leather without, you know, the leather part? We've got you. Our vegan leathers are eco-friendly, insanely durable, stain and fade resistant, and they just happen to look and feel awesome, too. Check out cutting-edge tech like microperforated surfaces to eliminate the "stickiness" of vinyl, remarkable stain protection and abrasion resistance, and even a built-in anti-microbial agent. All while complying with the most stringent of indoor air quality certifications.

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Important note from R+C:

While we strive to provide accurate imagery, remember that materials may vary from swatch photos due to studio lighting, monitor calibration, and dye lot changes. For color-critical use cases, we recommend reviewing a physical swatch.

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