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We've renovated our 160-year old Italianate Victorian home in the tiny historic village of Sharon Springs, New York. Explore dozens of design tips, DIY projects, and before-and-after photos of the project we've dubbed The Grey House.

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Tour the finished rooms of the Grey House for dozens of design and DIY tips.

Restyling a Garden House: Paint It Black

Chris Stout-Hazard · A cute, 160-year old Italianate Victorian had the potential to be a stunning garden house - but only after taming the garden, adding style to the porches, and applying some unexpected new colors.

Brighter Bath

Chris Stout-Hazard · Gross no more. We busted down walls, rearranged doors, and filled this bright bathroom with vintage and modern touches.

A Hall With Gall

Chris Stout-Hazard · The center hall of our 160-year old Italianate Victorian didn't have a lot going for it, but we maximized it with color, some amazing custom wallpaper, and lighting from our line.

Fine Dining

Chris Stout-Hazard · Antique and modern built-ins, doors, windows, and a chimney... We worked around a multitude of obstacles to create a welcoming dining room and butler's pantry.

Living Room Lightbox

Chris Stout-Hazard · What started as a boring living room turned into a Scandinavian-inspired light box with unique paneling, bold industrial furnishings, and a huge DIY floor mirror.

Come-Back Kitchen

Chris Stout-Hazard · Despite an unpleasant starting point, we transformed our kitchen into one of the coolest rooms in the house for a fraction of what most new kitchens cost.

A Study In Contrast

Chris Stout-Hazard · We turned a gloomy spare bedroom into a bright and happy home office.

Boisterous And Boutique Guest Bedroom

Chris Stout-Hazard · We turned a rough, boring bedroom in the Grey House into an unforgettable space for our guests.

Cheeky Style In A Tiny Bathroom

Chris Stout-Hazard · The downstairs bathroom of the Grey House may not be big, but its bold, cheeky style leaves our guests - and us - smiling.

Mastered Bedroom

Chris Stout-Hazard · Paint, lattice, and a nail gun turned this sunny but boring room into a master retreat.

Join us during our design process as we search for the perfect colors, furniture, and accessories for this distinctive home.

In Defense of Track Lighting

Chris Stout-Hazard · According to Clairee Belcher in Steel Magnolias, all gay men have track lighting, and all gay men are named Mark, Rick, or Steve. We're not named Mark, Rick, or Steve, but otherwise I'm afraid we're playing to stereotypes. Because we love track lighting. Here's why.

Yes, We Painted All The Floors In Our House

Chris Stout-Hazard · Quelle horreur! But we had some good reasons to paint our floors, and maybe painted floors are a good fit for your home too.

Which Paint Sheen Should You Use?

Roger Hazard · Paint sheen is a term that relates to how shiny paint will be when it's dry. But this is more than just a question of aesthetics.

Flush Crush

Chris Stout-Hazard · I have a favorite replacement toilet handle. How weird is that?

Bedroom Board-and-Batten

Chris Stout-Hazard · Roger and I decided that board-and-batten would make a nice addition to the look of our master bedroom. This time, I tackled the project myself. Here's how to do it and what you'll need for the project.

Sto Very Frustrating

Chris Stout-Hazard · Our house has no fireplace. It may seem strange that a home built in the 1800s and nestled between two snowtastic mountain ranges wouldn't have one, but, as a formal village house, it likely served as a secondary summer home for wealthy folks who would venture up during the balmy season and wisely dash back to the city when things got chilly.

Block Prints and Thin Mints

Chris Stout-Hazard · We've been hard at work putting together plans for the house. Today, we plowed through a long list of decisions. I think the downstairs is really coming into focus.

So Close, Yet Sofa

Chris Stout-Hazard · We left our old sofa in Austin. In the midst of starting a furniture company, it seemed a little silly to drag another company's product halfway across the country. Good thing we left it behind, because it never would have fit in the moving truck.

Bad Days and Forward Motion

Chris Stout-Hazard · I didn't wake up on the wrong side of the bed, did I? Did a black cat cross my path? Did I walk under a ladder? No matter. Something happened, and the day got off to a rough start.

Winter Renovation

Roger Hazard · We're kicking off our renovation just as winter arrives.

A Modern Bistro In A Historic Village

Roger Hazard · Design inspiration comes from many sources. We love the style of 204 Main Bar & Bistro, which recently opened in the historic spa village of Sharon Springs, NY.

Roger + Chris are renovating their 160-year old Victorian. Here's some information about the house and why they're renovating it.

Before Photos

Roger Hazard · Want a peek inside our house before the renovations start? Here you go.

The Hazards Head For The Hills

Roger Hazard · We're moving to a historic village in upstate New York to renovate an Italianate Victorian house.

A look behind the scenes at our renovation and life in our tiny village.

Ice Cubicle

Chris Stout-Hazard · We bought a modern, metal desk for our home office. It has clean lines, fun casters, and looks great. We bought it last summer. I loved it. And now it's winter. And I hate it.

Not a creature was stirring. Not even a mouse.*

Chris Stout-Hazard · Sometimes, I have to "take care of" mice. In the way that Tony Soprano might "take care of" a...well...rat.

Wee Wheels Tiny Car Show Gallery

Roger Hazard · Our village hosted the first annual Wee Wheels Tiny Car Show this past weekend. It was a huge success (well, as huge as a tiny car show can be). Here's a gallery of photos from the event.

It's April, Fools

Chris Stout-Hazard · What a difference a few degrees can make. The snow is retreating. Birds are chirping. The crowds have returned to the village.

A Rare Sunny Day

Chris Stout-Hazard · Roger and I are in Atlantic City this weekend for the New Jersey Home & Garden Show. I snuck out of the convention center during a break between sessions to explore the boardwalk and take a few photos.

Recalibrating Focus

Chris Stout-Hazard · After doing a goat photo shoot (goatoshoot?) that involved chasing a tiny baby goat around the village and taking somewhere in the range of 600 exposures, I discovered that my camera's autofocus system was out-of-whack.


Chris Stout-Hazard · Buck and I did a little bit of exploring today. Here are some photos from our adventure.

Ghost Town

Chris Stout-Hazard · I don't believe in ghosts. This is inconvenient, as I'm surrounded by people who do.

Every Day is a Holiday

Chris Stout-Hazard · We just returned from a short business trip to a town that is literally a stone's throw from Canada. (We actually took the exit boldly marked as the "LAST EXIT BEFORE CANADA," which someone should use as an album title.) And while we weren't meeting or socializing with folks, we were in our hotel room watching TV.

Heavy Metal and Fake Blood

Chris Stout-Hazard · This afternoon, I met with Michael, our talented local blacksmith, to plan out some custom hardware for our house. We're working on the designs for handmade coat hooks, a boot scraper, and a door knocker.

Who Moved My Cheese? I Did.

Chris Stout-Hazard · As previously mentioned, we moved from Austin, Texas to Sharon Springs, New York. In August. On our own.

Life In A Village

Chris Stout-Hazard · I've never lived in a tiny village before. I knew we were in for a big change, but there are a few things that have still surprised me. I thought you city folk might find some of these interesting (and the country folk will just laugh at me).

In The Garden Of The American Hotel

Chris Stout-Hazard · This weekend, the American Hotel in Sharon Springs, NY will be the epicenter of the village's annual Garden Party Festival. Here are a few photos of the hotel's lush garden.

Snapshots From New York

Chris Stout-Hazard · Here are some snapshots Chris took during our trip to New York. If you look closely, you'll find Roger making a cameo in one of the photos.

An Empty Hotel

Chris Stout-Hazard · On the porch of the all-but-abandoned Rosboro Hotel in Sharon Springs, NY.

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