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Does semi-aniline or performance leather peel?

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Uhm, no.

Like...very much no.

What you're probably thinking of is "bonded leather," which is the garbage-tier product that your local disposable furniture company was pushing in the 1990s. Bonded leather isn't really leather at all, but a paste of ground-up leather scrap mixed with plasticizers, spread on a backing fabric. We don't sell that, so don't worry.

Back to the topic at hand: No, semi-aniline and performance leathers do not peel. They're real leather all the way through. The only substantial differences between these leathers and "full-aniline" or "natural" leathers are:

  • Whether the top surface of the leather has been smoothed at all.
  • The way the leather has been colored.
  • And, in the case of performance leathers, whether it receives a protective coating.

None of these would increase the chance that the leather would peel or degrade; in fact, much of these differences mean that these sorts of leathers are less likely to show peeling, rub off, etc, than other leathers.

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