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Can you build a new style for me?

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We often are contacted by customers who would like us to build a custom sofa of a new design for them. In some cases, they've seen a photo of a sofa elsewhere and want to know if we can make something similar. In others, they have an antique they would like us to replicate. We are always happy to take a look at reference photos to determine if it is something we can do.

In some cases, we can adjust the design of one of our existing frames to get close to the look of another piece. Examples include combining the arm style from one profile with the back from another, switching up tufting patterns, and adjusting proportions on the frame.

In other circumstances, a design would have to be truly built from scratch. This does require a tremendous amount of design and engineering time, but if we believe the sofa style would be a good addition to our portfolio, we will consider it.

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