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How are your frames made?

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Our frames are hand-made in our own factory in Hickory, North Carolina.

We build furniture the old-fashioned way, starting with a hand-built frame designed to last a lifetime. Our frames are truly handmade. Each piece of poplar is cut on a bandsaw, doweled, pinned, and screwed, the way traditional furniture frames were made 100 years ago. They take about eight times as long to build as machine-cut frames, but we believe it's well worth the extra attention. They're heavy, sturdy, and long-lasting. So long-lasting, in fact, that we warranty them for life.

Note that many manufacturers use jargon like "kiln-dried" and "hardwood" when describing their sofa frames. Kiln-dried applies to virtually all wood used in furniture construction and says nothing about quality or durability. Hardwood is a term that can be applied to plywood as well as dimensional lumber. A good rule of thumb: Unless a company specifically mentions that their frames are hand-cut lumber, assume that they are building them from CNC-cut plywood or OSB.

Also keep in mind that very, very few furniture brands actually make their own sofa frames. We know, because we build frames for plenty of other manufacturers. Oopsie.

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