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Can you check to make sure a fabric or leather is available before I order?

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Yes, we definitely can check with our vendors on the availability of a certain fabric or leather. However, by the time we hear back from them and relay that information to you, the availability may have changed. For example, if we find out there are 12 yards of a certain fabric in stock on a Wednesday afternoon, the available quantity may very well have changed by Thursday morning. There are no guarantees that quantities will be accurate between the time we check and actually placing the order for that particular material. Textile and leather vendors are unable to place holds on materials in most circumstances.

We recommend selecting a fabric and backup option or two. In the event of an extended backorder on your primary choice, we can notify you and give you the option to reselect an alternate.

That said, we build furniture that will last for many years. Given the choice between getting exactly what you want and getting a second choice a month or so earlier, we often recommend — patience-testing as it may be — waiting for the fabric you love.

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