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How are your cushions constructed?

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Seat Cushions

Our seat cushions utilize a high-density foam core, with softer foam laminated on top and bottom. This is wrapped in batting, and then wrapped again in a quilt of down and feathers. This hybrid cushion provides an excellent combination of support and comfort and is included in the standard pricing of our sofas. We consider the level of softness provided by this type of cushion to be medium, with our goal to provide maximum comfort and longevity.

Many of our competitors utilize lower-density foam to reduce production costs. This lower-density foam results in a softer seat on day one, but degrades more rapidly. If you know you want a very soft seat, we are happy to accommodate but recommend sticking with our standard cushions.

A higher foam density is an available option on all pieces. You may want higher density if you know you prefer a firmer seat, have pain or mobility issues, need to support a higher bodyweight, or will be using the sofa in a high-traffic setting like a hotel lobby or restaurant.

Want to avoid down and feathers? We can easily build your sofa without down and feathers upon request. We utilize premium down alternatives that will not compromise performance or longevity.

The foam in our seat cushions, as with the vast majority of upholstery products on the market, is petroleum-based. We utilize high-quality, domestically-sourced foam for our furniture. Should you prefer an alternative, we can build your sofa using natural latex foam. Note that performance and longevity of this product is not something we can guarantee and that the material carries a substantial upcharge. But we can certainly do it.

Back Pillows

Furniture with loose back pillows include cushions filled with a blend of down and feathers. We in some circumstances utilize Trillium fiber as a down alternative due to its superior performance with certain leathers and fabrics. This synthetic alternative to down is available on request for any sofa should you want to avoid down in your furniture.

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