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What is the warranty policy for your furniture?

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We stand behind the materials and workmanship of our furniture without equivocation and warrant that if, when delivered, it is defective in construction or workmanship, in any way, that we will repair or replace the defective piece at our expense.

Additionally we warrant the frame and springs against failure for as long as you own the furniture.

When the furniture is delivered, it is your obligation to inspect the furniture for any material defects that could reasonably be discovered by a visual inspection. If there are material defects of such consequence that they might cause you to return the furniture, you should refuse the delivery and we will have it brought back to our factory for expedited repair or replacement at our expense. If there is a defect in a cushion or pillow cover, such issues can be handled without needing to refuse the entire furniture piece. If there are minor issues, such as missing nail head trim for example, we can often arrange to have a local upholstery shop make the repair.

Leather and fabric colors are subject to variation from hide to hide and dye lot to dye lot. Being a natural product, we do not warrant the color of leather used in the manufacture of our furniture. Healed scars, marks, tick bites, and brands may be present and are not considered a defect.

If there is any damage noted on the furniture at time of delivery, it is likely to have occurred in transportation and it is your obligation to bring the damage to the attention of the driver. The delivery company will take responsibility for coordinating the repair, whether on your location, by mailing cushion or pillow covers, or by bringing the item back to our facility.

Please take a moment to learn more about returning furniture.

What is the return policy for your furniture?

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If your furniture was ordered in a standard size and in a standard fabric or leather and trim, we will accept returns with a full refund of the purchase price provided that you notify us, in writing, within five days of the delivery of the furniture, of your intent to return the furniture. You will be responsible for the return shipping charges. The furniture must be returned in pristine condition and you will be responsible for any damage or wear to the furniture while it was in your possession. Refunds will be processed immediately upon our receipt of the returned furniture. Associated shipping costs for returns unrelated to damaged goods or manufacturing defects are the responsibility of the purchaser.

The above, not withstanding, unless agreed to at the time of the order, we cannot accept returns or provide refunds for Custom Leather or Fabric or COM items. "Custom Leather or Fabric or COM" is defined as any leather or fabric which is 1) provided by the customer or 2) is a leather or fabric not shown as an option on this website at the time of order.

We will also not accept returns for orders for sectionals where the cushion sizes are not consistent across all pieces of the sectional.

If you need assistance with a return or warranty claim on a piece of furniture you already purchased, contact us:

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