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Can I order using COM (Customer's Own Material)

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Yup. We do recommend scrolling back up to the Sofa Options section to read more about how COM orders work at Roger + Chris.

Do you wholesale your furniture?

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Nope. Roger+Chris furniture is only available directly from us.

Why? We are structured to sell direct to customers instead of through retailers, which means our furniture is priced substantially below other companies building at our quality level. Great deal for our customers! But that unfortunately means we don't have the margins to meet wholesale pricing.

Do you provide shop drawings?

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We do not provide shop drawings as part of our standard pricing. We can provide drawings if you require them. Fees will depend on project size but start at $1,000. This fee is to be pre-paid and is non-refundable.

Is your furniture suitable for use in commercial settings?

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Our standard construction methods are perfectly suitable for use in commercial settings, and we have built furniture for countless high-traffic commercial environments. You can see some of our prior clients here.

As you know, some upholstery materials are better suited for busy environments than others. We are happy to recommend our most durable fabrics and leathers. You are also welcome to use COM materials of your own sourcing. For improved durability in the highest-traffic settings, we often recommend increased density on seat cushions. Note that our furniture comes without flame retardants in seating and mattresses; if your project requires treated materials to meet local codes, please let us know and we can accommodate you.

Can I specify a due date for my order without confirming first?

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All of our furniture is built to order, and your order — like all others — will proceed through our standard production queue. We strive to meet the deadlines of our commercial clients, but we encourage you to speak with us prior to ordering if you have a firm deadline. Arbitrary deadlines placed on POs without prior consultation will not be honored.

Can my client communicate directly with you?

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To reduce the chance of errors and miscommunication, we strongly recommend that you select a single point of contact for order, payment, and delivery communications.

Do you work with procurement companies?

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Yes, all the time.

Some important notes for procurement companies on our business practices:

  1. Please include the work order number you are provided in all communications with our team. This number is formated as "RC####". We will not utilize your PO number in order tracking so it is not relevant.
  2. Due dates included on POs without prior approval should not be relied upon. More on this topic.
  3. For status updates, you can email us at [email protected] or call our factory at 855-433-2233, Extension 2. Please provide your Roger + Chris work order number when calling.
  4. If paying via check or ACH, you must contact us via email when payment is sent.

What is the warranty policy for furniture in commercial settings?

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We provide the same warranty for commercial settings as for our residential customers. You can see the warranty policy here.

Note that the policy covers manufacturing defects but not wear from regular use. For high-traffic settings, we recommend selecting contract-grade fabric or leather. In many cases, upgrading to a higher-density seat cushion is advisable. Many of our fabric and leather vendors include warranty policies for their products; their policies may or may not have differing conditions or terms for contract settings. If you need additional information about that, please ask.

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