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How long are your chaises?

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Our chaises (as found in a sofa+chaise or other sectional configuration) typically extend about 24 inches beyond the front of a sofa. So, if you are planning a sofa+chaise configuration based on our Higgins profile with a standard 42 inch depth, the chaise will have an overall length of approximately 66 inches.

Why aren't your chaises longer?

The simplest answer is that fabric used for upholstery is about 54 inches wide. We run fabric left to right when we build a sofa, so the maximum length of a chaise works out to about 24 inches longer than a regular seat cushion.

Why does the width of the fabric matter?

In some cases, it doesn't. But many fabrics — velvets in particular — have a directional nap. Rotating the fabric 90 degrees would cause an unsightly change in color and appearance on the chaise cushion. If we didn't rotate the fabric, we would have to stitch together two panels of fabric, which most people do not want.

Can my chaise be made longer?

In some cases, yes. If you are using a non-directional fabric, we may be able to extend the length of the chaise. If you are using leather, your chaise cushion will already have seams on it (because cows only come so large), so extending the length is doable.

Keep in mind that there are limits to this, as a very long chaise cushion will not be anchored to anything at the far end and will not stay in place or hold its shape as well. For this reason, we recommend staying conservative with extending the cushion. If you want a very long chaise, we recommend instead considering a bumper.

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