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Does My Room Need A Sectional?

Which is the best option for your home: a sectional or a pair of sofas? Like the intractable conflict in the Middle East or getting everyone in your family to agree on where to go for dinner, there's no simple answer.

We may not know much about resolving centuries-long international disputes or picking between tacos and pizza, but we do know furniture. Complete our five question quiz below to find out whether a sectional makes sense for your space.

Question 1: My vibe for this room is...

  • total comfort and coziness [5 points]
  • friendly and welcoming, but still tailored [3 points]
  • elegant and a little formal [0 points]

Question 2: I like to rearrange the furniture in this room...

  • more than once a year [0 points]
  • once every few years [2 points]
  • only to dust under it, if that [5 points]

Question 3: The overall furniture space I am working with is...

  • less than 8 feet x 8 feet [0 points]
  • around 8 feet x 8 feet [3 points]
  • more than 8 feet x 8 feet [5 points]

Question 4: The top priority I have for the room is...

  • maximizing seating for my family [5 points]
  • enough space that I don't have to sit right next to my spouse, who I love almost as much as I love my personal space [2 points]
  • maximizing flow through the room [0 points]

Question 5: I plan on moving...

  • within five years [0 points]
  • within ten years [2 points]
  • never — this is my forever home [5 points]

If you totaled...

  • 20 or more, a sectional is a sure thing.
  • 10 to 20, a sectional is worth considering.
  • under 10, two sofas or a sofa with armchairs might be wiser.

Sectionals come in many shapes and sizes — and with us, you have more options than anywhere else. If you're overwhelmed by the choices, feel free to reach out for guidance. Be sure to visit our sectional layout page, which illustrates the configurations available.

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