Layout planning, configuration options, & more!

Incredibly Customizable

Our sectionals are hand-built to order in a remarkable number of sizes. To get started with your sectional design, check out the layout examples below when referencing the dimensions you will need for your home. We can usually get quite close to your target size.

Dig Deeper

Want more information on sectionals and how they work? Check out our videos on the topic.

L sectional LAF
L sectional RAF
sofa+chaise LAF
sofa+chaise RAF
dual chaise
reversible sofa-chaise
L sectional with bumper LAF
L sectional with bumper RAF
U sectional equal
U sectional unqual
U+chaise LAF
U+chaise RAF

Don't see what you need?

We can likely build exactly what you want — including layouts with curved (radius) corners, bumpers, and integrated sleeper sofas. If you have questions about options or would like more assistance in planning out your dream sectional, please contact us!

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