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Decorating a Large Window

By Roger Hazard


My living room window is very large. It has four individual 'panels' that are all connected together. We have wood blinds on the window for privacy and sun control. What would you suggest for curtains/drapes/valances on this window? This room is casual.

Wendy B.
Brooklyn, WI


In a room like this, I'm a fan of drapes. If your furniture has little or no pattern, using a fabric with a pattern for draperies can add a great deal of interest to your room. Try to pick a pattern that has a similar background color from existing pieces in the room. Drapes are a great way to bring drama and interest into a room without making an expensive commitment.

To save money, consider looking for discounted fabric. You can often find fabric for less than $10 per yard. If you don't have a sewing machine handy, iron-on hem tape can give your drapes a tailored look in just a few minutes. Finally, using ring clips makes attaching the drapes simple and fast.

Without seeing a picture of your blinds, I suggest that the hardware for the drapes be wood, in a finish and color similar to the wood blinds.


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