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How Often Should You Turn Over Seat Cushions?

Hi, I'm Chris with Roger & Chris. I'm here to answer an important question for you today. How do I keep my sofa looking its best?

Well, I think you need to start with your cushions and your back pillows. The cushions are what you sit on. The back pillows are in most cases, on most sofas that don't have a tight back, it's what you're resting your back against. The seat cushions, I think, are comparable to tires on your car. The more you drive the sooner you're gonna need to replace those tires. That's true, but you can also rotate your tires over time to kind of extend their lifespan, right. We all know that. We've done that at the Goodyear store or whatever. Your seat cushions are gonna be the same way. You're probably gonna be, if you're habitual like me, you're gonna be sitting in one corner of the sofa every single night. Well, that's gonna wear down the fastest. It's gonna compress the fastest. The foam in those cushions, even though it's high quality foam that we use in our pieces, it is still going to compress. So, you're going to want to swap those cushions around. And I think it's probably good to do it, well, ideally, monthly, but let's say quarterly. Let's say that, or worst case scenario, every time you change the air filter in your air conditioning unit, swap those around, move them around. It's gonna give you a little bit more lifespan. They're gonna stay looking better, kind of plumper. It'll give the foam a chance to sort of recover, too, because foam will come back over time if it's not regularly being sat on. You might also want to flip them. If you have a fabric sofa, you're gonna be able to flip those cushions.

If you have a leather sofa, they're gonna have a fabric vent panel underneath it to allow the air to breathe in and out of the cushions. So, in that case, take the cover off, there's a zipper. Pull them off, flip the insert around, put it back in the cover, zip it back up, good to go. That sort of manipulation is gonna make your sofa look better. It's gonna also give you a chance to pull everything off, vacuum under it, pick up all the coins, and Goldfish crackers, and dog treats, and god knows what else might be lurking underneath those cushions. So, it's probably just good monthly maintenance for your sofa.

Back pillows, kind of the same deal. Back pillows are gonna be filled with a mix of down and feathers. They just need regular fluffing. So, pull them up, kind of knock on them a little bit. Toss them around a little bit like you would any other pillow. They'll kind of regain their form. Throw them back on, you're good to go.

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