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Answers to almost all of your questions can be found immediately in our extensive FAQ section.

You're welcome to call us at 855-433-2233, but the below options may be more helpful.

Purchasing Furniture

I've got questions!

Need help making decisions? Not sure about sizing? Want a price quote? We have you covered.

I want swatches!

You can request swatches here, but if you are having trouble or need guidance, we can help.

Ready To Order
I'm ready to order!

Know what you want? If you've already been emailing us, simply respond to that. Or get started here.

Consultations & Visits

I am not a cat.
I want a virtual consult!

Want to chat with the guys about your furniture conundrums? Let's schedule a Zoom.

Omaha Nebraska
I want to visit the flagship store!

Schedule a visit to our store in Omaha, Nebraska to see our pieces in person and get expert guidance. Plus, you get to visit the Midwest's hottest tourist destination.*


Current Order
I need help with a current order.

Curious about your sofa's status? Questions about shipping? We're on it.

Warranty Support
I need help with a prior order.

Need to know how to clean your fabric or leather? Want some assistance with damage to your sofa? You're in the right place.

Everything Else

I need interior design help!

If you have a large-scale commercial or residential design project, we may be able to assist. Please note that we take on a very limited number of projects and unfortunately cannot offer complementary consultations.

I don't fit into these categories!

Want to say howdy? Want to interview us? Desperate to know if Roger is a natural redhead? No guarantees, but we'll do our best to answer.

* Omaha, Nebraska perhaps isn't the Midwest's hottest tourist destination but we're definitely a hotter destination than Des Moines, Iowa. [glares menacingly at Des Moines]

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