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Paint or Stain Doors?

By Roger Hazard


We bought a foreclosed home and went about the process of fixing it up. One of the challenges we face is what to do about doors and door frames. Some of the original doors and windows were stained wood. We put white baseboards in all the house and were wondering whether it is acceptable to leave a wooden (cherry stained) door with the casing painted white or whether the casing needs to be stained also...or do the doors all need to be painted white?

Roy G.
O'Fallon, IL


That depends on whether you are restoring an older home and want to retain it's original character. If the stained doors and windows are in good condition, I would say that you should stain the remaining doors and door trim. The main thing is that all doors and door trim should be consistent throughout your house. The windows can still be stained but should be either all stained or all painted as well. Good luck and congratulations on your new home.


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