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What's The Best Type Of Fabric For My Sofa If I Have A Cat?

Hi, I'm Chris from Roger and Chris, and I'm here today to answer an important question. What's the best fabric for my sofa if I've got a cat?

Well, you know, the thing about cats is that they're mischievous, they're occasionally destructive, they are slightly evil, and that's gonna mean that your best bet is something that, well, just lets them be cats.

Cats are gonna claw at fabric because they can hook their claws into the loops in the weave of the fabric. If you remove that as an option, eh, it's gonna be kind of, a little bit better for them. You're gonna wanna look for fabrics that have a cut pile rather than a looped pile to them. That's really gonna mean velvet. Velvets, sometimes microfibers, but eh, there's some beautiful velvets out there. Microfibers are kinda passe a little bit. I would recommend velvets first. They can go to town on it, they're not really gonna be able to hook into anything, 'cause that little thread at the end of the fabric is just a thread, it doesn't loop back in, there's nothing to catch on. Velvets can grab onto fur a little bit, but you can vacuum it right back out, not that big of a deal.

If you're opposed to velvet, just don't like the look or feel of it, I would probably focus on fabrics that have a very tight weave. Your denims and canvases, things that are heavier weight, those are probably gonna do a little bit better. You definitely don't want a linen, or chenille, anything that has a looser weave to it, that's kinda asking for trouble.

So, I really focus on one of those two options. Every cat's different, asterisk asterisk asterisk, because I just can't say for sure, but generally speaking, those are gonna be your best bets. I would also of course think about clean-ability. Stain-proof fabrics are really gonna be your best bet. We have stain-proof velvets, we have stain-proof, more canvas-style fabrics as well. Either way, that's gonna be your best bet should you have to clean anything up from the cat.

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