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Keeping Kids' Toys Organized

By Roger Hazard


I know that you think kid's toys should be out of sight when you're showing a home. I agree with you, but with a 4 year old and a 7 year old, I'm having a hard time keeping everything put away. Do you have any ideas for an easy way to keep everything organized until we can sell the house?

Becca V.
Atlanta, GA


I know it can be tough showing a clutter free home when you have young children. I have worked with more than a few families with young children on Sell This House. The best solution without buying furniture that has been designed to contain toys is work some magic with Velcro and fabric.

The goal is to keep the toys out of sight using some of your existing furniture, some storage bins, and fabric to disguise it all. For example, I have used tables and bookshelves. Bookcases can be covered with a single piece of fabric. Tables work well for storing a large quantity of toys when skirted.

Find a fabric pattern that complements the room. The fabric needn't be expensive - I often use sheets for a quick fix. Use adhesive-backed Velcro to affix the fabric to your furniture temporarily. Buy some inexpensive plastic bins that the toys can be tossed into and slide them under the table or into the bookcase when the home is being shown.


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