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What's The Best Kind Of Sofa For Little Kids?

Hi there, I'm Chris from Roger and Chris and I'm here today to answer an important question. What's the best kind of sofa if I've got little kids? Well, you know, I think there's a couple of factors that we need to carefully consider with this.

Frequently, I'll talk with folks and say you know, I don't really want to invest in quality furniture 'cause I've got little kids. They're gonna destroy it. And you know, maybe it's just something that's gonna be replaceable and after a few years we get something. And I totally understand that mindset. However, not everyone feels that way. I personally grew up in a house full of antique furniture. My brother and I managed to not destroy anything. And I think a lot of folks are coming from similar backgrounds, and they wanna have quality furniture that they can enjoy. They wanna invest in something that's gonna last rather than going the disposable route. And I think that's wise, as long as you make the right decisions that are going to ensure that that sofa is going to look great, and last, and not fall apart. Because if you're making that investment it should pay off over the years and hammertize itself out. That's the way it's supposed to work.

So a couple things to do. First of all, I think look at the materials that you're selecting. We talk a lot about performance fabrics and performance leathers. You can watch those videos, get an understanding of those. But I definitely recommend looking at those to start off with.

Secondarily, I think it's important to consider the type of sofa, the style of sofa you go for. One thing that I talk to people about, they tell me about their young children, is that gosh, you know, having a sofa with the pillow back, where the loose cushions on the back. You know it's comfortable, and it's cozy and all that, but it kind of turns into a mess pretty quickly. Those pillows get pulled off and turned into forts. And you know, I liked making forts when I was a kid, so on one hand I kinda think, let 'em make their forts. On the other hand, I can understand that being maddening for the parents. So I think if you're concerned about the way the sofa looks and don't wanna be constantly fiddling with it and plumping up the pillows and all that sort of stuff, I would look at tight back sofas. Now, again, we've got a video talking about tight back sofas, check those out. But definitely consider that. It's gonna be less prone to messiness. It's gonna look tidier without a lot of fussing. And I think it'll probably keep you a little bit happier in that regard. There's gonna be plenty of chaos in your life thanks to the little ones. I don't think you need to introduce more.

I think thirdly, from a care and concern perspective, I think it's important to consider what you're bringing into your home in terms of chemicals and off-gassing and all those sorts of issues. We have a video talking about that. But again, it's key to know what's going into that sofa that you're purchasing when you bring it into your home. You're gonna have the kids sleeping on it, hanging out on it all day. So you know, think a little bit about the chemicals, the different types of materials that can be used, some are gonna be safer than others. We're pretty conscientious about that sort of thing. We do have our own factory and have tight control over what goes into our products. So I think we're in a little bit better position to disclose that information to you than maybe some other companies might be.

You know, I think those are good starting points. Everyone's gonna be a little bit different. Your preferences are gonna apply to that too. So tell us what you're looking for, what your goal is, what kind of aesthetic you're going for. And we'll help you find that combination of factors that's gonna get you something that looks great, but is family friendly and will hopefully grow with you, and last you many years. And last until your kids are maybe moving out, we'll see.

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