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How does shipping work?

The best option for almost all of our residential customers is "white glove" service. This is the standard delivery method unless you specifically request otherwise. What does white glove mean? A delivery truck comes to your home, a team unloads your item, the packaging (transit boxes, plastic sheathing, and fabric sock) are all removed, the furniture is carried into your home and placed in the room of your choice, and the legs, sectional pieces, and sleeper components (as needed) are installed and configured.

White glove delivery is, in most cases, the most affordable delivery option but it is not the fastest. Other delivery methods would include freight delivery (preferable for most commercial orders; faster; more expensive; lower level of service) or potentially arranging for pickup or local delivery via a transit hub. These can be quicker but are often more expensive and may not include in-home delivery.

The videos below provide more information about shipping options.

Key points:

  • White glove delivery is the best choice for our residential customers and is the method you will receive unless you specifically request otherwise
  • You can get an estimate on how long delivery will take below
  • For a shipping quote, click the button at the bottom of this page to contact us
  • You are welcome to use third-party shippers or pick up from our factory yourself
  • If there are complicating factors to your delivery — going up stairs, a limited-access drive way, etc. — please notify the shipping company as this may require adjustments to plans or pricing.
  • White glove delivery services will require assistance from you or an assigned party when carrying in especially large or heavy pieces, notably sofas in excess of 300 pounds.
  • White glove delivery services generally do not provide flexibility in setting a delivery date/time. We strongly encourage you to review the videos regarding white glove delivery to understand the process.
  • All prices and delivery timelines on this page are for general reference and are not guaranteed

White Glove



Our Customers on Shipping:

"The customer service was outstanding on all counts, from initial contact through delivery. What more could anyone ask for?"

"The Basel sofas arrived two hours ago! Beautiful! Thank you!!! The delivery service was awesome, by the way."

"The chairs arrived late last night. Same awesome delivery crew from my previous order — we greatly appreciate them."

"The two delivery guys were incredibly polite and continued that great experience you gave me."

What's it cost?

Pricing may vary according to specific zip code (particularly with remote areas) and the exact size and weight of piece you're purchasing. Please contact us below for a better quote on multi-item orders.

Furniture Type


Estimated cost of white glove delivery. Please note that pricing is currently in flux with shipping companies. These are estimates only based on current pricing and we recommend contacting us if you need a more precise quote.

How long does it take?

The map below shows the approximate transit time from our factory in Hickory, NC to your state. Note: This is the shipping time after your furniture has been built. It does not include manufacturing time.

Shipping Timelines
 White GloveFreight
2-4 Weeks2-3 Business Days
4-6 Weeks4 Business Days
6-8 Weeks5 Business Days

What is the delivery process?

White glove delivery is different than other delivery services. This video explains the process and what to expect.

Inspecting your delivery.

When your furniture arrives, it is important that you carefully inspect your furniture for damage that may have occurred in transit.

What if there's damage?

Though uncommon, it is possible that furniture can get damaged in transit. Here's how we resolve that.

What about the reviews?

We built and ship a ton of furniture. There are a handful of negative reviews about the shipping experience – here's some context for those.

Request a custom quote.

If you need a specific shipping quote for your order, you can request it by contacting us on the following page. To quote your shipment, we will need:

  1. The names and sizes of the pieces you intend to order
  2. Your destination zip code
  3. Your preferred method of delivery (white glove, freight, etc)

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