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How Do We Make Our Seat Cushions?

Hi there. I'm Chris from Roger and Chris and I'm here today to answer an important question: how do we make our seat cushions?

Well, you know, the cushion on your sofa is probably the most important determiner of the comfort of the sofa and when you're sitting on it, how much is it going to compress? How much structure is it going to retain over time? You know, how soft is it? These are kind of all factors that are sort of are connected, but not 100%. So the way we make our cushions is a little bit different than how you might make a cushion if you were making it for, you know, a mass catalog retailer or something.

We start with a high density foam core. We use high quality polyurethane foam. It does not have any flame retardants on it, so it's a little bit safer for your family. That gets wrapped in ... We put down and feathers in-between two layers of fabric and then channel stitch it and that creates this wrap. It's almost a quilt that goes around the foam. What do you get with that? Well you get the softness of the down and feathers, the kind of long-term softness that does not compress over the years, but because it's channel stitched, it prevents those down and feathers, first of all from escaping too readily and also prevents them from getting pushed to one side or another of the cushion, getting lumpy, any of that.

So in the end, you have a cushion that's going to give you a lot of softness, but it's also going to give you really good support. Softness is great. You know, people sit in a sofa cushion in a showroom and sink into it and think oh, this is amazing, and that's great, but that's day one of the sofa. What's day 100 of the sofa or day 1000 of the sofa gonna feel like? It's really important to use a high quality foam as well that maintains its shape over the long haul and that way, over the years, it continues to perform very much the same way it does on day one.

That combination of materials we have found to be a really good option. It's going to give you a lot of comfort. It's going to make for a cozy sofa for you to hang out on all day long if you want to binge on Netflix or whatever, but at the same time, it's going to last for you as well.

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