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What's It Worth: Purple Martin House

By Roger Hazard

What's It Worth: Marching Band Drum

This antique marching band drum beat your guesses.

The answer to last week's WIW:

Last week, we asked you what you thought this marching band drum was worth. We had answers ranging from $125 to $525. We paid $320 for this BSA drum, and it's been included in features on our Austin house in publications around the world.

Worth: $320

This week's WIW:

What's It Worth: Antique purple martin house

This antique purple martin house is huge - check out some of the additional photos to see just how large it is. We got a pretty good deal on it at an Austin vintage shop. Can you guess what it's worth? Leave your dollar amount in the comments below and check back next week to see if you were right.

Modern Farmhouse guest bedroom
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