2019 Midsummer Collection

While many words describe our hand-built poplar rames, we always come back to one word: better.

The world's most comfortable Chesterfield is made in the USA

“Its quality and craftsmanship and luxe feel are amazing.”

— Lucy and Jens

“This thing is amazing.”

— David L.

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New Hotness from Hickory

We hope you love these new designs as much as we do


Contemporary Slant Arm Sofa

Don't think Cricket's distinctive form and lightness mean it isn't also a super welcoming place to hang out.
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Relaxed Chesterfield Sofa

Poodles is what you get when you mix the Chesterfield aesthetic with a relaxed, modern vibe, and add a garnish of practicality.
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Retro 60s Buttoned Chair

Our 60s-inspired, button-backed retro armchair.
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Modern Tufted Modular Sofa

Our endlessly reconfigurable, remarkably adaptive modular sofa system.
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Questions & Answers

Chris answers your furniture questions (no matter how silly)

What do I do if I'm allergic to down?

What do I do if I'm allergic to down?

Whether you're allergic or just want to eliminate animal products from your home, we have great down alternatives.

What depth of Chesterfield do I want?

What depth of Chesterfield do I want?

Our Higgins Chesterfield is available in a number of depths. Which one is right for your home? Let's explore the options!

What's the best fabric for kids?

What's the best fabric for kids?

They jump on them, drip on them, and are often a sofa's worst nightmare. Here are some great durable, cleanable fabric options if you have children in your home.

Why don't you guys have showrooms?

Why don't you guys have showrooms?

All the other furniture companies seem to do it, so why don't we?


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Infographic: Five Red Flags When Sofa Shopping

Before you make an expensive mistake (or find out that a "great deal" wasn't quite so great after all), familiarize yourself with our five red flags for spotting a sub-par sofa.

How Big Of A Sofa Can I Get?

Who doesn't love a big, comfy sofa? We're certainly fans. Opting for the largest couch available maybe tempting. But how can you be sure it will fit?

Best Blue Velvet Sofas

We've gathered some of our favorite sofas and armchairs in gorgeous blue velvets, along with design inspiration from around the web.

Sofa Rash: Don't Get Burned By Imported Upholstery

Upholstery built overseas is often packaged with chemicals that prevent the growth of mold during shipping. Unfortunately, these same chemicals can cause terrible rashes and burns. Here are the details.

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