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What kind of mattress comes in your sleeper sofa?

Hi, I'm Chris with Roger and Chris, and I'm here today to answer an important question about the different types of mattresses that we can do in our sleeper sofas. We have three. Kinda technically four, but really let's just talk about three.

Our base mattress is kind of a standard sleeper sofa mattress, it's the five-inch inner spring mattress. Comfortable, straightforward, nothing too fancy about it, and it works perfectly well. It's great if you have very occasional guests and, you know, aren't that particular about what they're gonna be sleeping on. Particularly great for kids, things like that.

Our next step up is a memory foam mattress. It's a gel-infused memory foam, so it gives it a little bit of additional comfort and a little bit of additional softness through that. It also makes, probably, the best comfort for when you're actually sitting on the sofa. Because, gosh, you know, I want your guests to be comfortable when they're sleeping on that sofa, but most of the time it's probably gonna be you and your family that's gonna be sitting on the sofa. And when that mattress is folded up, it provides a portion of the suspension system for the sofa itself, so, I think that memory foam mattress is probably gonna be the most comfortable for you on a day-to-day basis. It also is very comfortable for sleeping. You know, memory foam is pretty popular these days for mattresses, so I think you know exactly what that would be.

Our third option is kind of an unusual thing, it's kind of special. We take that initial five-inch inner spring mattress, and then there is a zippered-on, removable, replaceable six-inch self-inflating air mattress. And I know that's a lot of things all at once. So, you got the basic mattress, you got another six inches of air mattress, it comes with its own compressor to inflate itself. The nice thing about that is, once it's inflated, it's your standard 11-inch mattress. You can fit a standard fitted sheet on it. Probably the ideal option for comfort. It is a little bit more fussy because you do have to go through the inflation process. So if it's the sort of piece that you're gonna be folding and unfolding regularly through your guest's stay, might skip it, but if you're gonna unfold it, set it up, have it there for the duration of their stay, it's really worth looking at.

All three of these are pretty close in price. It's really not gonna be so much a price decision for you, most likely. It's really gonna be practicality and how often you're gonna be using that. So we're happy to talk you through that and answer any questions you may have.


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