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Why don't you guys have showrooms?

Hi, this is Chris from Roger and Chris. I'm here to answer an important, and rather popular, question. Why don't you guys have showrooms?

Well, it's pretty straight forward, it's just not compatible with our business model. What's our business model? Building really high quality furniture, in America, sending it to you. That's what we do.

If we had showrooms, what does that mean? Well, first of all, that means we gotta pay rent on big showrooms. We gotta fill 'em with a lot of inventory, and because we are a custom manufacturer, every single sofa, armchair, sectional that we made, is made for you, fillin' a roomful of just imagined furniture that we're not really trying to sell, 'cause we are a custom manufacturer, that's pretty wasteful. We have to staff that, we have to advertise, and get people to that showroom, rather than just trying to connect with people online, which is much easier.

In the end, showrooms are not the way we want to do business, because it would prevent us from building high quality furniture. Hey, everyone's got a budget. We're doing our best to make our furniture competitively priced. I think we do a killer job of building really high-end stuff, about the same prices as the junk you get from the catalog stores.

Meh, you know, I mean they have beautiful showrooms, and those beautiful showrooms mean that they cannot build their furniture very well, 'cause the money isn't there. They've gotta spend it all on buying a museum in Boston, and they can't then take that same money, and put it into high quality construction. It just has to be garbage built in China. That's just the way it is. So we don't do showrooms, it's against our principles. Because in the end, we wanna work with you directly.

We're confident that we can explain all of the decisions that you need to make. We're confident that we can, through talking with you, dial in exactly what you need, in terms of comfort, get a good understanding of all of that, build a piece for you, deliver it to your home, and have you sit down on something that you're gonna be able to enjoy for many years, and have it be exactly what you wanted. That's our strategy. It's worked out really, really well for these six plus years that we've been in business, and we hope you understand that's why we wanna continue doing it that way.

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