The Saguaro

Colors in the Desert

The mountains and desert expanses bordering the Coachella Valley form a serene, if desolate, backdrop for the colorful oasis that has emerged in and around Palm Springs. No area hotel embodies "colorful" quite as boldly as The Saguaro. Wearing hues representing the blooms of native cacti and translating the town's mid-century zest into a thoroughly modern aesthetic, The Saguaro is all about fun in the sun. We had a chance to explore the hotel and thought you might like to come along for the tour.

Entry to Lobby
Seating Areas in Lobby
Ping Pong Table

The Saguaro's lobby invites you to slip out of the sun for a few moments to sit down with some vintage pulp fiction or challenge a friend at a game of ping pong. Bamboo furniture swathed in caramel leather is thrown in amongst the sleek metal forms that fill the lobby - this is a modern hotel that doesn't shrug off Palm Springs' classic aesthetic.

El Jefe Neon
El Jefe

This relaxed space delivers the cuisine of Mexico City. Neon, motorcycle gear, reclaimed wood, and tequila bottles set the mood.

Pendant Lights
Metal Forms

Bold metal forms, bespoke wallpaper composited from dozens of photographs, and delicate pendant lamps conspire to establish an aesthetic that is cooly modern without feeling heartless. The powerful colors are tempered by expansive white walls and neutral concrete floors.

Pool at The Saguaro
Privacy walls in the courtyard

Impossible to put on mute. The strong color carries on into the sun-drenched courtyard pool. The unique color of each room's balcony is pulled into the guest room as the key accent color, mated with bright white walls, relaxed bamboo furniture, and purple carpet.

Courtyard wall
Courtyard decor and plant life

Trapezoidal forms appear in the courtyard and throughout the property, evoking the Palm Springs of the fifties without feeling slavishly retro. These hard-edged shapes are countered with soft, delicate plantings of native species scattered throughout the courtyard.

Thanks to General Manager Steve Rachmat for showing us around the property. For more information about The Saguaro, visit the website or check them out on Tumblr.

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