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Little House Love. Lovable homes come in all sizes. Here's to tiny houses.

Tiny Cars for Your Tiny House

By Chris Stout-Hazard

You can't park a ginormous SUV next to a tiny house without feeling a little bit silly. Tiny house hunters might find that one of following options from the 2013 Wee Wheels Tiny Car Show is better tailored to their diminutive needs.


An itsy bitsy bubble house deserves a matching isty bitsy bubble car, and the BMW Isetta is the perfect fit. A little short on elbow room, though.


Want a backseat for carrying groceries or the occasional tagalong? This Hornet, a rare and luxurious version of the iconic Mini Cooper, will look great parked in the driveway of your teeny home.

Austin Sedan

Do you need four doors? You're living in a tiny house and we can't imagine why but if you insist, this minuscule Austin sedan is just the ticket.

Subaru Truck

Are you doing some major hauling? Moving furniture? Carrying lumber? This Japanese-market Subaru truck is ready to work. It even has 4-wheel drive!


Finally, how will you get a ride to the tiny airport from your tiny house? In a tiny taxi, naturally. This FIAT 500 is decked out in cab gear and is waiting for a fare. Hop in!

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