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Where was your last sofa built?

Our company, our country.

When we decided to start our own company, we wanted to build our furniture and products here in the U.S.A. This mattered to us because we wanted our furniture to be built to the highest standards. We wanted total control over the quality and safety of materials and finishes. We wanted shipping to be fast and to minimize transportation-related fossil fuel use. We wanted to support the economy of our own country and help create jobs.

Maybe we're idealists, but this is our company, run our way. We don't want you to buy our products because it's made in the U.S.A. At least, that shouldn't be the only reason. We want you to buy our furniture because you love the way it looks, because you will use it every day, and because you want something you can keep for decades. Consider American craftsmanship the icing on the cake.

New York: The artisans, inventors, and weirdos of Upstate

Our location in rural Upstate New York may seem odd to some — it seems odd to us, to be honest — but it means we have access to some of the nation's most talented artisans for the creation of our unique collection of products.

Blacksmiths, metal workers, textile artists, and mad potters run wild among the sleepy villages of rural New York. We've developed partnerships with a handful of them to design exclusive lines of distinctive furnishing and home accessories. Created in small batches and limited runs, our products are available exclusively through our online store. Shopping with us helps support these independent artists and the communities in which they live.

North Carolina: The historic epicenter of American furniture manufacturing, revived.

Our manufacturing partner builds our upholstered pieces in a small plant in the heart of North Carolina's furniture manufacturing region. Home to some of the oldest furniture makers in the United States, the area traces its manufacturing roots back to colonial times and boasted an ideal location, with easy access to forests for a steady supply of wood, and nearby textile mills.

North Carolina's furniture industry continued to grow during the Industrial Revolution and into the twentieth century. But in the late 1990s, corporate retailers hungry for increased margins began moving their furniture production to huge factory cities in China. Scores of companies shuttered their factories, putting thousands of skilled tradespeople out of work. The globalization movement had gutted North Carolina.

But then an interesting thing happened.

Customers began to seek out American-made furniture again. They appreciated the faster delivery times small domestic shops could provide. They were relieved that their new sofas weren't exposed to harmful chemicals during manufacture and shipment. They valued the meticulous attention to detail of experienced craftspeople.

Our manufacturer is part of a new generation of North Carolina furniture companies leading a renaissance in domestic manufacturing. Low-volume. Built-to-order. An emphasis on quality, service, and value. We've entrusted our line of upholstery to them, and we're thrilled.

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