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Our ageless pieces will look fresh much longer than you will. (No offense, of course.)

Good design isn't ephemeral.

The trendy. The in-style-one-minute, out-the-next. The destined-to-be-dated. While there are plenty of pieces of furniture that look great today, finding objects that will look great tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and beyond is trickier.

We believe that good design — great design — sticks around. It continues to feel modern and fresh, even as more temporal styles fade.

We've searched through hundreds of years' worth of styles to hand-pick designs from the past and present we believe to be timeless and enduring.

Style without sacrifice.

The unpleasant secret of many distinctive furniture styles — whether traditional, modern, or somewhere in between — is that many of them just aren't comfortable.

For instance, classic Chesterfield sofas may bring tremendous style and presence into a room, but they also bring aches and pains, thanks to their nearly-vertical backrests. Higgins, our interpretation of the Chesterfield, brings style and support with a subtly angled backrest that avoids uncomfortable pressure points. Higgins is also better, because "Chesterfield" is kind of a lame name better suited for a foul-smelling cologne or a discontinued brand of cigarettes. Right?

Like contestants in a beauty pageant, our furniture pieces are not evaluated on looks alone. We believe that comfort, durability, and practicality are core components to good design, and we think you'll agree.

Not your neighbor's sofa.

Yes, we offer timeless, well-known styles. But that doesn't mean you don't have an opportunity to express your personality. Our furniture can be ordered in dozens of colors and upholstery types. And you can order pieces from our furniture families in varying widths and configurations to fit your space precisely. Our furniture is made on demand, just for you. Which means your neighbor won't have the same sofa. And that's probably good, because you don't like that neighbor all that much. Never trims the weeds on the side of his house. Seriously. It takes, like, ten minutes max.

If all these options scare you, go buy something boring from our competitors you can rely upon our furniture consultants to step you through the entire process, helping you find the perfect combination for your home.

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