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What depth of Chesterfield do I want?

Hi there I'm Chris from Roger and Chris and I'm here today to answer an important question what depth of Chesterfield do I want?

Our Higgins Chesterfield comes in four different depths and it gets a little bit complicated. So the standard depth on Higgins is 42 inches overall. So the very front of the sofa to the very back of the sofa where it has that little roll to it. That's 42 inches. It gives you a seat depth of about 24-25 inches. Which is healthy nice and deep. It's deep enough that I can take a nap on it be comfortable. 42 inches is pretty standard for most of our sofas they're all in that range for the most part.

Now if you are looking for something a little bit deeper. We have a 46 inch extended depth. What does that do? It adds four inches. It's that simple. So instead of 42 overall it's now 46 overall. And those four inches all go into the seat. So you now go from 25ish to 29ish. That's nice deep seat. That's gonna be too deep for a lot of people unless you really like to kinda curl up in the sofa in which case it's perfect. But if you want something to really lounge in I think that's a nice option to consider. It does start to take up a lot of space in your home. So I think carefully consider whether you have the room for it. But certainly something we can do.

Now let's say you wanna go shallower. We have two ways of doing that and Higgins is unique in that it's the only sofa in our line where we can do this. If you want to save a little space. If you're short on square footage. We can do a 38 inch depth. So going from the 42 down to 38. But we can do it in one of two ways. The first way is exactly the opposite of that extended depth we just take four inches off the seat cushion. So all of the sudden instead of having a 42 with a 25 inch seat depth we have a 38 with about a 21 inch seat depth. That can be a little shallow. I think if you're shorter in stature it can work perfectly well. If you have a more formal setting where you want people to be able to socialize but not necessarily recline too much that can work. If it's going to a lobby or a commercial setting again that can be an appropriate choice. But if it's your home sofa in most cases I think it's probably not the best bet.

So let's say you still need that extra saved space. You still need to get it down to 38 inches. We have another way of doing that that's a little bit distinct. Instead of adjusting the seat depth we'll keep that at that 25 inch seat depth. What we do is remove that back roll. So that back roll you know just kinda kicks out over the back of the sofa. We just make it flat instead. So it looks exactly the same from the front kinda from the side but from the back it's flat. Where would you use this? Well it's great in the setting where the sofa is gonna be going up against a wall, up against a piece of furniture. Maybe you have a sofa table something like that. It's not great if you're gonna float the sofa. The whole thing about the Chesterfield sofa that's great is that it floats beautifully in a room. And it's beautiful from every angle. This is gonna make it less attractive I think from the back. So you're gonna really only wanna use it in certain circumstances. But it's really nice if you have an apartment. If you have a we work with a lot of people who have living rooms that are kinda like the really long but they're kinda shallow. That would be a good option for you there. Or again if you have a sofa table and you know you're always gonna have a sofa table with some lamps on it or something like that and you just need a little extra space. Good option for you.

So regular depth 42. 46 for the extended depth. 38 inch for the shallower. And 38 inch flat back if you need to shave that little back roll thing off.

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