In-Stock Furniture Ready To Ship

The following items are from cancelled orders and are currently ready to ship from our factory in Hickory, North Carolina.

Save time and money with these new pieces of furniture. These pieces are from orders that were cancelled by customers prior to the pieces shipping or are furniture that did not fit into the customers' homes upon delivery. Furniture is in new condition and has been thoroughly inspected by our team.

For information, shipping quotes, or to purchase an item, please contact us. To get your own custom piece made, visit our furniture section.

PhotoDescriptionPrice Excl Shipping
8491107" Cecil sofa extended depth with tufted seat in brown leather$6,438
888975" Higgins sofa in Lafayette Green Grass performance velvet$2,591
8950105" Cole sofa extended depth in Hartwell Lace$2,914
786379" Harley sleeper sofa, full sleeper, Gramercy Nautilus velvet$3,344
8511Pair of 42" Bobby armchairs, Ludlow Sienna performance fabric$2,598
851193" Bobby sofa, Ludlow Sienna performance fabric$2,549
800586" Natalie sofa in Gramercy Mesa performance velvet$2,367
829164" Kent sofa in Gramercy Nautilus velvet$2,637

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