When will I get my furniture?

It depends, but usually a little over two months.

Manufacturing: From order to out the door in an average of 50 days.1 When you place an order for furniture from us, we manufacture it from scratch. This means that we need to construct a wood frame, assemble the support and spring mechanisms, affix padding, make cushions, and sew the upholstery. In most cases, we can create your one-of-a-kind furniture about 50 days after your order is placed.

Note that turnaround times for other custom furniture companies often average twelve or more weeks. We're pretty proud of our turnaround time for luxury, custom furniture.

Delivery: From our doorstep to yours in one to four weeks.2 Our "White Glove" shipping service will pick your furniture up from the factory, deliver it to you, remove the protective packing materials, install it in your home, and remove all packing materials from your home. Because we ship nationwide, and the shipping company's schedules vary according to destination, this time does vary. Please take a moment to learn more about your shipping options.

  1. Selecting specialty fabrics and leathers may extend the manufacturing time. We do not stock materials, and some vendors do take longer to provide their products to us.
  2. Delivery times may extend beyond four weeks for remote destinations. Contact us for additional information.
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