Roger Hazard and Chris Stout-Hazard
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Will it look right? Will it fit? Will you carry it for me?

Get the perfect look.

Our furniture is endlessly customizable, giving you the flexibility to design the perfect piece for your unique style and needs. It's exciting to have a piece of furniture made just for you.

But it's also a little daunting.

Roger + Chris have worked with hundreds of homeowners around the country. They understand that making decisions about interior design can be difficult when you're faced with thousands of options. Our furniture consultants are here to provide direct support via phone or email, stepping you through the process and sharing their expertise. If you need help getting started, ask the Hazards for complimentary assistance.

Get the perfect size.

All of our upholstered furniture is made to order, and can be tailored to your specifications. Our furniture families are available in a range of preconfigured sizes: armchair, love seat, and sofas in three lengths up to 118 inches. Should you require even more exacting specifications, we can construct our pieces in any length up to 118 inches (increasing by 5½-inch increments). Most of our families are also available as sectionals, providing you with dozens of configuration options.

(If you're concerned about getting the furniture into your house, we can help. Here's a quick F.A.Q. on the issue. Our furniture consultants can also assist with this.)

Get it into your living room.

We ship our furniture nationwide using a "White Glove" shipping service. This means that your furniture is brought to you, brought into your home, unpacked, and installed in place. The shippers will then remove any packaging material. This service is convenient and hassle-free.

We cannot guarantee that deliverymen will literally wear white gloves. We keep asking them to wear them and now they refuse to talk about it.

It's almost over. Continue reading: Made In The U.S.A.