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The beautiful furniture you see in catalogs may not be beautiful for long in your home. Popsicle-wielding kids, mud-covered dogs (e.g. our spokesdog, Buck), and ever-so-slightly clumsy grownups put wear and tear on your furniture with each day of use.

But just because you are concerned about stains and wear doesn't mean you should be condemned to the world of boring — or, worse, disposable — furniture. We take designer furniture into new territory by combining high-end style with sturdy construction and durable upholstery, giving you real-world functionality without sacrificing style.

Sturdy construction.

Our furniture is bench-made just for you in North Carolina. Unlike high-volume catalog retailers, we have no incentive to cut corners in materials or construction. We use top-quality materials and adhere to rigorous standards of workmanship and workwomanship.

Frames. We use only kiln-dried hardwoods in our frames, which we manufacture from scratch. Each frame is designed by a qualified engineer who uses state-of-the-art software to determine the appropriate materials and design elements necessary to craft a frame that will last a lifetime. The components are then precision cut on computer-guided routers and assembled by experienced craftsmen using blocks in all corners, double-dowel or mortise-and-tenon joinery, metal fasteners, and glue where needed. At this point we give each frame a gentle hug before sending it off to receive its support systems.

Support systems. Our furniture incorporates Leggett & Platt's Elite Series Soft Luxe pocketed coil system. This advanced system features ultra-high coil density (300 per standard sofa). This increased working surface wire per seat allows for greater conformity to body contours. The interlinked coiled architecture provides uniform comfort and consistent support over the entire seating area. The floating encased coil provides a feeling of weightless suspension, and the individually encased barrel-shaped coils compress noiselessly inside the pocket.

(We promise that we did not lift the preceding paragraph verbatim out of a Leggett & Platt brochure.)

Cushions and pillows. Our standard seat cushions are made from a multi-density foam core for durability, which is then wrapped in channel-stitched down for plush, sink-in comfort. Our back pillows are amply stuffed with a 50/50 feather/down blend. Because they're so well-made, you're unlikely to get the cushions to explode and rain down feathers during your slumber party pillow fight, so don't even try it.

Durable upholstery.

We offer a variety of upholstery options designed to stand up to tough conditions. Wine stains? Mud? Roughhousing? Artillery fire? Check, check, check, and...well, okay, probably not the last one but still. Many of our leather options are designed to improve with age and wear, and we offer tailored, removable slipcovers for many of our pieces — doubling the durability and style.

Our furniture consultants will work with you to determine the optimal combination of style and wear resistance for your needs.

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