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Sofa Rash: Don't Get Burned By Imported Upholstery
Chris Stout-Hazard · Upholstery built overseas is often packaged with chemicals that prevent the growth of mold during shipping. Unfortunately, these same chemicals can cause terrible rashes and burns. Here are the details.
Chesterfield Sofas: The History (Maybe...)
Chris Stout-Hazard · A probably-not-totally-fabricated history of the Chesterfield sofa: Lord Philip Stanhope, the Fourth Earl of Chesterfield (b.1694, d.1773), is believed to have commissioned the first settee that would come to be known as the Chesterfield sofa. Details are scarce, but the following is more or less the tale of how this iconic sofa came to be.
How Big Of A Sofa Can I Get?
Chris Stout-Hazard · Who doesn't love a big, comfy sofa? We're certainly fans. Opting for the largest couch available maybe tempting - plenty of room to stretch out and take a cat nap, and adequate seating for everyone. But there are some downsides to going large: it may overpower everything else in the room, it may not actually be comfortable, and it may not actually...you know...fit.
Radishes, Carrots, And Your Sofa
Chris Stout-Hazard · Radishes are red, right? But cut a radish in half, and you'll see that it's almost entirely white, with just a thin layer of red on the outside. Most fabric upholstery is made with textiles that are like radishes.
Continuing Our Gradual Conquest Of North America [UPDATED]
Roger Hazard · Roger + Chris furniture has found its way into homes and businesses across the nation.
Creating Cooler Kids' Rooms
Roger Hazard · Decorating your child's bedroom is no easy task. While it can begin as an opportunity for self-expression for your son or daughter, the project can quickly grow into a conflict between fun and function. We transformed two bedrooms in two days with CertaPro painters and some simple DIY projects. Here are some guidelines for creating a fantastic-looking bedroom that meets your child's needs, and the specific touches we added to these two rooms.
Seeing The World In Black & White
Roger Hazard · We've been told that we have to choose: style or comfort. We disagree.
What's It Worth: Purple Martin House
Roger Hazard · We got a pretty good deal on this large purple martin house at an Austin vintage shop. Can you guess what it's worth?

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Roger Hazard
Roger Hazard
Founder · Roger + Chris · Sharon Springs, NY
Roger Hazard is TV's original home stager, as well as designer / producer on the international, Emmy-nominated "SELL THIS HOUSE," "SELL THIS HOUSE: EXTREME," and "MOVE THIS HOUSE."
Chris Stout-Hazard
Chris Stout-Hazard
Founder · Roger + Chris · Sharon Springs, NY
Chris Stout-Hazard leads product design and development for Roger + Chris and co-stars with Roger in Roger That.
Eileen Gill
Eileen Gill
Real Estate Blogger · The Gill Agency · Austin, TX
A multi-million dollar producer for more than a few years, Eileen brings you The Gill Agency - a group of like-minded, super-smart, professional agents who want to help you with the biggest purchase or sale of your life.
Darian Stout
Darian Stout
Vintage Finds Blogger · Education · Omaha, NE
Darian Stout spends the week in the classroom and weekends at estate sales and thrift shops. Consistently buying more than will fit in his house, he feels better telling himself that the various items clogging his garage will someday be restored and sold.
Kate Allen
Kate Allen
Adaptive Reuse Blogger · Americorps · Seattle, WA
Influenced from a young age by the likes of Antiques Roadshow and Architectural Digest, Kate's interests lie in historic preservation, adaptive reuse, and a lot of cheap stuff from thrift stores.
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