Kitchens 101: Trends and best practices in kitchen style, layout, and functionality.
Looking for ideas for your kitchen? Here are some cabinetry styles we love, paired with furniture and accessories that will make your kitchen a showstopper.

Kitchen Inspiration Pinboard: Elegant Eat-In

Roger Hazard · We often think of the dining room as the setting for formal meals, while the kitchen table takes on the far more casual day-to-day role. But why not infuse an eat-in kitchen with high-end style to create an air of elegance?

Kitchen Inspiration Pinboard: Funky City Loft

Roger Hazard · Lofts in cities like New York and Chicago bring comforts to industrial spaces. Cavernous spaces, huge windows, and great surfaces like old wood floors, brick walls, and exposed-beam ceilings create an environment perfect for fun, funky colors and interesting layouts. Here?s a concept for a wild kitchen tucked into a small space.

Kitchen Inspiration Pinboard: Happy Modern

Roger Hazard · Modern spaces are sleek, sexy, and dramatic. But they can also be sterile and devoid of personality. In this inspiration pinboard, I introduce playful colors and lots of bright surfaces to keep the kitchen feeling friendly and happy.

Kitchen Inspiration Pinboard: Modern Cottage

Roger Hazard · An updated take on the cottage look integrates classic styles with contemporary details to create a bright, happy space.

Kitchen Inspiration Pinboard: 1920's French Country

Roger Hazard · My take on a 1920's French Country kitchen kicks off with lower cabinetry in delicious German Chocolate, and upper cabinetry in a buttery off-white.

Kitchen Inspiration Pinboard: Farm/Industrial Look

Roger Hazard · This inspiration pinboard combines farm and industrial accents with modern colors and patterns to create a timeless yet fresh look.

What makes a kitchen design successful? Roger breaks down the thinking behind these cool kitchens and gives you tips that can be applied to your own.

Deconstructing a Kitchen: Bay Window Luxury

Roger Hazard · This kitchen design takes advantage of an irregularly-shaped room to provide ample work surfaces and lots of visual interest.

Deconstructing a Kitchen: Sleek Sophistication

Roger Hazard · There's modern, and then there's MODERN. This kitchen pulls out all the stops to deliver a sleek, ultra-contemporary look. There's substance behind all that style, with clever planning that maximizes storage and work space.

Deconstructing a Kitchen: Bold Color

Roger Hazard · In a world filled with beige and taupe, sand and putty, I'm always excited to see a homeowner embrace bold color and take their kitchen in a different direction. This kitchen is undeniably bold, and it's fun to see a monochromatic ? though not unsophisticated ? color palette taken to an extreme. Is this right for every home? No way. Do I think the home owners love having a one-of-a-kind kitchen? You bet.

Deconstructing a Kitchen: Large Kitchen Challenges

Roger Hazard · This kitchen has been designed to take advantage of a huge volume of space, feature distinctive details, and deliver a sense of old world luxury.

Deconstructing a Kitchen: Clarksville Bungalow

Roger Hazard · I tackled this tiny Austin kitchen in the premier episode of my TV show, "Sell This House: Extreme." In just a few days, my team and I completely renovated the kitchen ? as well as the living room, dining area, both bedrooms, and the front yard. While all of the changes we made were important to increasing the value of the home, the kitchen transformation packed the biggest punch, helping boost the asking price by $100,000.

Deconstructing a Kitchen: Hajdu Kitchen

Roger Hazard · Amy and Chris Hajdu purchased this West Austin home just over a year ago. The house, built in the early 1960s, had been well cared for but had received minimal updates over the decades. The Hajdus purchased the house from the original owner with the goal of respecting the existing architecture, while modernizing the systems and styling.

Here are some miscellaneous - but valuable, we swear! - posts about kitchens.

Come-Back Kitchen

Chris Stout-Hazard · Despite an unpleasant starting point, we transformed our kitchen into one of the coolest rooms in the house for a fraction of what most new kitchens cost.

Roger's Tips: Finials As Cabinet Knobs

Roger Hazard · I love using oversized knobs on powder room vanities - it's fun and unexpected. Since most cabinet knobs aren't the right size, I use drapery finials for a bigger impact.

25 Weird DIY Tips That Actually Work

Roger Hazard · Here are 25 unusual solutions to common household problems using stuff you probably have sitting around the house.

2014 Design Trends

Roger Hazard · We're in the midst of some significant changes in the interior design landscape. Trends that have dominated home style for the past decade or longer are beginning to fade, to be replaced by new looks paired with beloved classics. Here's where we feel home design is headed in 2014.

Before Photos

Roger Hazard · Want a peek inside our house before the renovations start? Here you go.

A Peek Into Roger and Chris' Modern Farmhouse

Roger Hazard · We completely redesigned the interior and exterior of our modern home in Austin, Texas. Come take a look inside.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen and Dining Room

Roger Hazard · Tour Roger and Chris' kitchen and dining room.

Before And After Photos From 'Sell This House: Extreme' Pilot

Roger Hazard · See exclusive photos of the pilot of 'Sell This House: Extreme.'

Not Every Flower Needs a Vase

Roger Hazard · Mixing up the containers for your flower arrangements can make for a fresh, fun look.

Our Latest Renovation Project

Roger Hazard · We just completed a whole-house renovation project, and wanted to share some photos of the project. This project was for a family in Austin, TX who had recently purchased a fifty year old house.

Sneak Peek of Renovation Project

Roger Hazard · A whole-house renovation project I managed here in Austin is approaching completion, and I wanted to share a sneak peek of the completed kitchen. More photos of the entire project are coming soon!

Remodel it all, including the kitchen sink

Roger Hazard · Each time I meet with a client or speak at a home and garden show, I'm faced with a barrage of questions about renovating kitchens. Homeowners even those who have undertaken major projects in other parts of the house have a tendency to seize up when it comes time to remodel this room. It's easy to understand why: The kitchen is frequently the largest and indisputably the most important room in a home, the epicenter of a family's day-to-day life.

Staging Project: Cardinal Lane

Roger Hazard · We just completed the staging of a unique modern home here in Austin, TX.

When Feng Shui Doesn't Work...

Roger Hazard · How much attention should be paid to the rules of feng shui? And where does Roger find those candles?

Toning Down 1980s Cabinets

Roger Hazard · John is stuck with almond laminate kitchen cabinets and needs help finding a color for his walls.

Planning a stylish, functional, enjoyable kitchen is no small undertaking. Roger steps through each part of the process, offering helpful tips on getting the most for your budget.

Guidebook, Step One: Understanding the Big Picture

Roger Hazard · Successful kitchen designs stay in harmony with the rest of the house. What's the first step when planning a stylish, functional, enjoyable kitchen? Most people would start by creating a wish list, compiling clippings of design ideas, or perhaps establishing a budget. While these are all great ways to get your kitchen remodel rolling, I believe it's important to back up and look at the big picture. Let me explain.

Guidebook, Step Two: Defining the Project

Roger Hazard · After carefully considering how the layout, style, and purpose of your kitchen fits with the rest of the house, it's time to define your kitchen renovation project by assisting your unique priorities, identifying the spaces that will be impacted by the renovation, seeking opportunities to optimize your budget, and applying the information you gleaned from Step One.

Guidebook, Step Three: Identifying a Style

Roger Hazard · Step three of the design process focuses on identifying a kitchen style. Whether you're working with an interior designer or taking on the project yourself, you will need to spend some time researching your options in order to choose the look that works best for your home.

Guidebook, Step Four: Hiring a Kitchen Designer

Roger Hazard · Step four of the design process focuses on selecting a professional kitchen designer. Hiring a kitchen designer in most cases will be money well spent. Beyond just assisting you through the myriad of decisions related to your remodel, a designer can introduce fashion-forward colors and finishes that will keep your kitchen looking fresh and up-to-date for years to come.

Guidebook, Step Five: Making Informed Budget Decisions

Roger Hazard · Step five of the design process addresses working within your budget and making informed decisions. After you've spent some time working out the scope of your renovation and begun consulting with a designer to get a better feel for the overall cost, it's time to lock down your budget and put together a plan that gives you the kitchen you need without breaking the bank.

Guidebook, Step Six: Dealing With Contractors

Roger Hazard · Step six of the design process addresses working well with your general contractor. A good working relationship with your kitchen renovation contractor can be the factor that determines the success of your project. Here are seven key tips for creating and maintaining a harmonious partnership.

Guidebook, Step Seven: Renovation Challenges

Roger Hazard · Step seven of the design process addresses some of the challenges you may face during your renovation. While most problems can be avoided through careful planning, all kitchen renovations are bound to uncover a surprise or two. Here are a few of the most common challenges faced in kitchen renovations, and some suggestions on how to minimize them through careful planning and fact-finding.

There's no shortage of great gadgets for the kitchen. Here are a few of our favorites for improving utility and efficiency.

Functionality: Speed Household Chores with a Grab-and-Go Cleaning Supplies Organizer

Roger Hazard · Many of us use our kitchen as the home for our cleaning supplies. Keeping everything in one location can make it easier to quickly locate that bottle of glass cleaner when you need it, but it can also mean a lot of running back to the kitchen for one bottle at a time.

Functionality: Get Quick Access for Hard-to-Reach Cabinets

Roger Hazard · Do you have tough-to-reach shelves and cabinets in your kitchen? Are you sick of climbing on dining chairs or digging your step stool out of a closet every time you need to grab a pot or pan?

Functionality: Reclaim wasted space with a Blind Corner Lazy Susan

Roger Hazard · Blind corner cabinets - tucked in the corner of two converging walls - contain a tremendous amount of storage space. Unfortunately, getting access to that space is a challenge.

Functionality: Free up floor space with a pull-out trash bin

Roger Hazard · Pull-out trash bins help maximize the functionality of your kitchen by addressing a number of common kitchen challenges.

Functionality: No Mud Room? Create an Organization Station

Roger Hazard · The kitchen is the point of entry for most homes. For those of us without mudrooms, this means the kitchen becomes the default dumping ground for jackets, shoes, hats, book bags, and purses. If you don't have space to create a mudroom or closet, a custom organization station can be a highly functional, unobtrusive alternative.

Functionality: Using Open Shelving to Expand a Small Kitchen

Roger Hazard · A U-shaped kitchen configuration encourages high-efficiency cooking. The range, sink, and refrigerator are all just a pivot away, creating an obvious "work triangle" with a minimum of obstacles.

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