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Takeout Side Table
Takeout Side Table
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After having finally had a full weekend to relax on it, I gotta say it's like I've never even sat on a couch before... EVERYTHING about it, the look, the texture, the firmness, the angles of the seat, back, and bottom, is clearly and intentionally designed to be both stunningly beautiful and to be the most comfortable thing I have ever sat or lain upon, no matter which seat or position or how many other friends are sitting on it. It gives where and when you want it to give but it's firm enough you can sit up an pay attention and standing back up quickly isn't hard.

Thanks again. This thing is amazing, and I am SOOOOOO happy with it.


Steel side table with built-in storage.

Tables for


Wanna grab Takeout tonight?

We've been cooking up something pretty delicious. Our exclusive side table mixes fun, high-end style with practicality. Lovingly crafted in Upstate New York, it's made out of hefty, durable steel and features a practical storage compartment. Best of all? Contains no MSG.

The table starts as a sheet of steel, which is laser-cut into custom-designed pieces. We fold and weld the steel into the distinctive shape, apply a coat of glossy white paint, and paint on our giant-sized Chinese takeout box artwork in red. Oh, and add a functional, stainless steel handle. The top flaps are sturdy enough to create a solid table surface, but are also hinged to open, providing access to the large storage volume of the box. Fill it with blankets, your children's toys, or lots and lots of fortune cookies.

Takeout is ideal for small apartments where storage space is at a premium. Use one beside a sofa or between two armchairs, or place a pair side-by-side to create a coffee — or perhaps tea — table.



One Size20" H x 21" W x 18" D$790.00
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