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Living Room Color Dispute

By Roger Hazard


My boyfriend and I can't agree on what color to paint our living room. We want to try to sell our house in a couple years once the market's stronger. In the meantime, I want to add a fun color like orange to the room. My boyfriend thinks we should keep it white so we don't have to repaint it before putting the house on the market. What should we do?

Kari G.
Modesto, CA


It's possible for you and your boyfriend to both have your way.

A good compromise would be to paint one wall an accent color. I'm often asked to help sell homes that have been sitting on the market and many of them have nothing but white walls. Adding strong colors to such a house definitely works. The trick is to choose a color that plays well with the floor color (carpet, wood, tile, etc.) as well as any furniture and/or window treatments in the room.


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